Task information

The aim is to create an online and printed magazine. https://www.lucidpress.com/ provides the opportunity to do both collaboratively.

Read about the aims here.

All the files are here.

Mazenod has an account with lucidpress and so it is a matter for the magazine editor to start a new collaborative document on lucidpress using his mazenod account and then share that document with anyone interested in writing articles or contributing images, etc.

The current plan for edition 1 is here.


1) The editor needs to create a lucidpress doc and add all the connect members to that document.

2) Anyone that wants to join in needs to join this space.

3) If the editor has not created the lucidpress doc then tell him to. Also use that link to talk to the rest of the connect team.

4) The editor should then give you access to the document, so go ahead and add your article, image etc. Make sure you also update the plan doc with what you have done and/or still hope to do.

5) Once the draft has been completed, please have it checked with the MAYO president who will have it checked with the facilitator and chaplain.

6) Once approved it can be advertised through the website and other channels (eg facebook), printed and distributed to Mazenod, local parishes and other highschools.

7) Have a connect party to celebrate!

8) Start a new edition and repeat the process.

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