Submitted by rjzaar on July 2, 2015 - 5:27am

Mission Action Youth Organisation (MAYO) allows the development of the Oblate and Catholic charism in creativity, activism, charity, formation and prayer, following the footsteps of St. Eugene de Mazenod’s first youth group ‘Solidarity of Christian Youth’. Created with the assistance of Mr. Robert Zaar, the group is in its second year and has been successful in creating several Catholic and Oblate-related resources and committed hundreds of hours in community service and other activities at school.

MAYO developed a Flash animation of the early life of St. Eugene De Mazenod for the Year 7 Religious Education, demonstrating how staff and students can collaborate and improving education at Mazenod. Despite facing a huge learning curve, we persevered and were able to produce an educational resource that is available on the Intranet. Moreover, in a continuing commitment to help the Year 7s enter into the Mazenod Community, members of MAYO assist the Year 7s that are part of the Homework Club.

Creativity is fostered through the MAYO website, a social activism platform in the areas of art, literature and computer game development. Currently, the group is working on three games: Storyboard, a game that revolves around a Kenyan leader who tries to build a village and is based on Fr. Sholto’s stories; Speckpater, a Catholic 2D scroller, and Angel Force, a narrative-based game around charitable works.

MAYO also contributed by helping the school save money by turning off the computers located in the computer rooms, and half of the money that the school saves is given to MAYO. With that money, we give most of that money to Indonesia for the Goat Scholarship program, where a person is able to fund their way to school by taking care of a goat and then sell the offspring. We look forward in continuing this commitment.

The group held a Leadership Day with the Year 9’s RE Extension Program, held at St. Mary’s Seminary; and two retreats at Dromana. All three events allowed the expansion of our religious devotion and understanding of social issues under Catholic Social Teaching. As well, MAYO sent four members to a “Social Justice Day”, where we learnt about the issues of the environment and child soldiers, and how can we do something about it. Ultimately, the group will be run by students under the auspices of the National Oblate Youth Co-ordinator.

I, on behalf of the group and its president, wish to thank Fr. Moroney, Fr. Twigg, Fr. Fini, Mr. Zaar and the staff of Mazenod College for their support in helping the group flourish and grow, and we look forward in working with them, and the students, in the upcoming years.


Terence Huynh
Mission Action Youth Organisation