Hi all,

By 'MAYO Reception' (any better suggestion for the name for it?) I mean the 'paraliturgy' for taking the Consecration to the Trinity and Mary, and the statement of fidelity. At the end of the new statutes are the parts where Eugene talks about the various processes of reception: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18EHpDRwWeFJVzfNZ1T4FMkzVGTPK4M0_Xtdn... 

Or read the original (you will need to open the french version, then use tools and translate to English. The last part is on page 40: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ViSa094f1Whgddr5MEVV-alBiwngVyJSCzgX... 

Fr Fini has an Oblate youth 'operations manual' called the OYA Creed. I've uploaded it to: https://drive.google.com/a/mazenodcollege.vic.edu.au/file/d/0B8lby9F0qca... 

A relevant section is on page 91 to do with the symbols they use:

Symbols Ritual
As we begin our prayer we place the symbols of our groups before
• First, we light the candle, a reminder of Christ's light in our
• We place the book of the Gospels before us, a symbol of the
Gospel values that shape our lives.
• Lastly, we place the Oblate Cross before us, a symbol of Christ
offering his life for us and a sign of the Oblate family we belong

I've created an empty document for you to develop a paraliturgy for the reception of MAYO members, ie consecration and statement.

It has been suggested that we have the paraliturgy and then follow with the Eucharist. What do you think.

Also please feel free to invite your family along. The meeting part is at 6:30pm over pizza, but the 'reception' will be at 7:30pm onwards in the chapel.

How does all of that sound?

God Bless

Rob Zaar