Hi all,

Stephen has sent me an email with his ideas. I've edited them and added them to the google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mODZ4-bpBCqvz1O_x6ukNtBIRpNKvMuSmT3F...

Please add your comments/edits there.

Here is what I have so far. It is all just suggestions so far. I hope to decide on Friday and come up with a better draft then.

Please invite your parents to come alone. The suggestion is that we start with Mass and then have the ceremony then. That way parents can join in and then leave (if they wish...) when we have our meeting after that. We will finish the evening officially at 8:30 but have social time until 9:30pm.

Please keep the following dates in mind:

Sat Nov 28th Memoria for the Spanish Oblate Martyrs.

Tues Dec 8th Feast of the Immaculate Conception (one of the 2 dates when Congregants were officially inducted).

MAYO Sprint (Dec 7-9th) Mon-Wed.

Maybe we should have our retreat during the evenings of the Sprint..

God Bless

Rob Zaar

MAYO Reception

I suggest after the Mass. Therefore it is a response to what God has done for us.

There are Oblate youth symbols, the candle, the word of God and the oblate cross. They could be brought up after Mass and placed in front of the altar. I think we should also have a marian symbol present. Maybe turn to Mary and pray a decade? Is there a paschal candle available? Is there a book of the gospels? In some ways I think if there was just an Oblate cross on the altar, representing simplicity and the centrality of the cross.

I think start by facing Mary (which is at the back of the chapel) and sing the Salve Regina. By turning to Jesus we are doing her will, and she has our ‘back’.

-Consecration and induction

-The priest will ask the inductees on the faith (baptismal promises) eg. Do you reject Satan and all his empty words and promises (Not sure on this, since the consecration and fidelity is the focus. Are we loading it up too much… )

-Somewhere in here a minute of silence (inductees kneeling) I like the idea of silence and kneeling. It also represents that full prostration is reserved for priesthood a deeper step.

Litany of Oblate saints? and Oblate Martyrs?

Saint Eugene De Mazenod

Blessed Gerard

Blessed Cebula

 Juan Antonio PÉREZ MAYO, priest and professor, age 29.

      Manuel GUTIÉRREZ MARTÍN, scholastic brother and subdeacon, age 23.

      Cecilio VEGA DOMÍNGUEZ, scholastic brother and subdeacon, age 23.

      Juan Pedro COTILLO FERNÁNDEZ, scholastic brother, age 22.

      Pascual ALÁEZ MEDINA, scholastic brother, age 19.

      Francisco POLVORINOS GÓMEZ, scholastic brother, age 26.

      Justo GONZÁLEZ LORENTE, scholastic brother, age 21.



 Francisco ESTEBAN LACAL, Provincial Superior, age 48.

      Vicente BLANCO GUADILLA, Local Superior, age 54.

      Gregorio ESCOBAR GARCÍA, recently ordained scholastic priest (June 6, 1936), age 24.

      Juan José CABALLERO RODRÍGUEZ, scholastic brother and subdeacon, age 24.

      Publio RODRÍGUEZ MOSLARES, scholastic brother, age 24.

      Justo GIL PARDO, scholastic brother and deacon, age 26.

      Ángel Francisco BOCOS HERNÁNDEZ, coadjutor brother, age 54.

      Marcelino SÁNCHEZ FERNÁNDEZ, coadjutor brother, age 26.

      José GUERRA ANDRÉS, scholastic brother, age 22.

      Daniel GÓMEZ LUCAS, scholastic brother, age 20.

      Justo FERNÁNDEZ GONZÁLEZ, scholastic brother, age 18.

      Clemente RODRÍGUEZ TEJERINA, scholastic brother, age 18.

      Eleuterio PRADO VILLARROEL, coadjutor brother, age 21.

-The inductees will consecrate themselves to the Holy Trinity and sign the MAYO consecration book.

-The inductees will make a statement of fidelity to the Magisterium. Do we need to sign?

-The inductees will kiss the Oblate cross, as a manifestation of obedience to the Chaplain. I think this is more of an embrace of the Oblate charism which is centered on Christ crucified.

-The inductee is then embraced by the chaplain as a sign of welcome into the fellowship.


VENI, Sancte Spiritus, reple tuorum corda fidelium, et tui amoris in eis ignem accende.

COME, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and kindle in them the fire of Thy love.

V. Emitte Spiritum tuum et creabuntur;

R. Et renovabis faciem terrae.

V. Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created

R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.


DEUS, qui corda fidelium Sancti Spiritus illustratione docuisti: da nobis in eodem Spiritu recta sapere, et de eius semper consolatione gaudere. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Let us pray:

O GOD, Who taught the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant that, by the gift of the same Spirit, we may be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


and the hail Mary (8, 52, 47)


ART. 9. The President will finish the session by saying the Sub tuum praesidium

Sub tuum praesidium


Sancta Dei Genetrix.

Nostras deprecationes ne despicias

in necessitatibus nostris,

sed a periculis cunctis

libera nos semper,

Virgo gloriosa et benedicta[6]

We fly to thy protection,

O Holy Mother of God;

despise not our petitions

in our necessities,

but deliver us always

from all dangers,

O glorious and blessed Virgin. Amen.[7]