Submitted by Ignatius on December 10, 2014 - 2:53am

Speckpater is the founder of Aid to the Church in Need. Here is his story of safely landing in a plane in Africa, which is very similar to the Bible Dave story. There is a youtube video hereHere is the story of how became known as the bacon priest. Speckpater is a fork of Bible Dave which is a Christian Coders game. It is a good example of what Pygame can do. A pilot has to find all the bibles without dying. We want to add a feature that:

  • When a Bible is found a scripture quote is given.
  • Some bibles found are damaged. The player is given an incomplete scripture quote. If the player completes the quote, then the bible is retained. If not it is lost.
  • There will be 50 possible quotes. Each game uses 20 of these randomly. Each bible chooses one of these 20. There is a one in four chance for a bible to be damaged, so the player is given an incomplete quote.

Current Tasks:

  • we now need to convert it to a .exe, apart from that is is working fine.

Getting Involved

Join this project. Send a message to us to get involved. You will then be contacted.The skills required for this project are programming.


For programming: 

  • Eclipse
  • Python 2.5
  • Pygame

For graphics:

  • GIMP/Photoshop 

Skills Development:

We can help you develop the skills needed. See the Python Education page for details.