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Here are a few reasources avalibele to help young people in there faith


General collage video affirming the Catholic faith and those who are Catholic.

Science vs Religion 

There is evil so how can God exist? Â 

What is Christianity in one short video!

What is your purpose in life? 

How to pray the rosary  

Powerful forgiveness video 

Reasons to be thankful 

This page is going to describe how to find, choose, download, and record copyright information

HOW TO FIND MUSIC Â Â  has Catholic Artists such as Matt Maher, you can sample and buy music and sheet music from that site  covers copyright, but lists the most popular songs currently.

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The original music can be set at a high key which is fine for professionals, but means the average youth group will miss some notes. It is therefore worth working out a better key.  This site provides the chords for most songs and has various different versions. One of the very useful features of this site is the votes for which key. Usually the most popular key is the best key to use for the song. Once you have chosen the key, you will need to find the correct sheet music so pianists can play the song. has songselect which is a powerful tool to select music and has many sheet music of different types incorporated into the system. The full system costs $235 a year.  allows you to change the key of the song. Once you buy a song, you can only print it ONCE!. But with the CCLI photocopy licence, this will allow you to photocopy multiple copies from this sheet music. This will only cover one instrument.

You may find other sources for music such as Â  that in some cases will allow you to buy a music accompany pack for multiple instruments. 

HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE MUSIC  usually has some video version of the song. If you copy the URL of the video, you can download the video and a MP3 version at  Just paste the URL into the right spot. Don't get sucked into clicking on the Ad with 'Download' or something similar, only click on the right spot.This is a good way to sample the sound track before deciding to buy the song from, for example, itunes. 


In Australia, there are two major music copyright licences Word of Life (very old site!) has all the traditional Catholic Liturgical Music. We have tried to look through this set and find some good contemporary music, but it is limited. CCLI has all the upbeat modern Christian Music, including modern Catholic Music.

Most (if not all) parishes have the Word of Life license. 

MAYO has the CCLI license. 

Some tips for Praise bands:

List sites with good resources and write a little about each

This site has a 'threeone' resource page which lists many topics which are linked to some materials, in some cases just a youttube video. But that is a start. 

Link to pdf version: Â  

Also have a general list of useful resources

This site has many links to Catholic resources


 A set of links to some good sites. 

Catholic Youth Ministry Hub

Shows promise... Â Â