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Mazenodian Report 2017

The Mission Action Youth Organisation (MAYO), is an organisation which prides itself on being inclusive, caring and being open sourced. We started the year with the news that some of last year’s year twelves have left nothing undared for the Kingdom of God and taken up various missions this year including Stephen Cheon (joining the Oblates), Lewis Cassidy (joining the inaugural Oblate Youth Ministry Team), Michael Honan, Luke Schaefer and Adil Alvarez (joining the Youth Mission Team) and James Duckett (studying at Campion College). We are proud of their efforts and it has been wonderful to have Lewis around who has been a great support.

MAYO, is well known for its project works which aim both to bring a community together and to give young Catholics a chance to further deepen their faith. Projects such as the website (mayostudios.org) and rosary bead making on Tuesdays have continued. One of the newer projects has been to create wood figures for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Atria overseas.

MAYO has continued to develop its online formation material which could not have been done without the help of Ignatius Zaar and Nicholas Morlin. The leadership team also focused on a key aspect of the faith. We are called to “live in harmony with one another.” (Romans 12:15-18 ). There were many ways of achieving this feat, but we believed that this could best be achieved by running a retreat.  

During the Term 1 Holidays, MAYO ran one of its most successful retreats. With over 20 people attending, talks from various guest speakers, adoration and Mass, we able to achieve our goal, to deepen the faith of young Catholics.

Another initiative in the life of Mazenod College was the introduction of the Alpha course which sought to explore the aspects of the faith through a series of video sessions. Run during lunchtime, the sessions proved to be very beneficial to students as the numbers grew markedly. From the initial group of over thirty students to a highpoint of fifty-three Alpha has maintained over thirty students every session requiring two classrooms to provide the needed space. It may have been the free food or the great leaders, yet it made a difference in the lives of many young people, drawing in students from years seven to twelve. We ran our Alpha retreat towards the end of Term 2 with over forty in attendance.

I congratulate all who have helped MAYO in their endeavour to deepen the faith of all young Catholics. Your work, outlining key aspects of the Christian Catholic Tradition and in turn teaching young Catholics will never go unnoticed.

I would especially like to thank Fr Fini, Mr Zaar, Mr Benke, Lewis and all the other staff who have contributed the time and resources to MAYO. Furthermore, I would like to thank all the Year twelves involved with MAYO. I would also like to thank the Leadership team this year. We have worked well together and I hope, through the near future that we will continue to change and touch the hearts of those around us.

Don Nadhun Buthpitiya