This technical project is to set up the functionality to automatically import Youth Group events from whatever technology a group uses to advertise their events, eg Facebook.

Suggested development:

A) Drupal importers

Create a new content type like Feed Item: Admin>Structure> Content types > Add Content Type

Call it YGEvent

Have a look at the Event content type and duplicate it for YGEvent.

Once the YGEvent is created, create a new feed importer

Admin>Structure>Feeds Importers

Clone the Feed importer.

Call it YGEImporter

Attach it to YGEvent.

Have a look through all the settings.

B) Facebook set up

Create a new public facebook group (eg YGdrupaltest)

Create two public events for the next month.

C) Research what code there already is for drupal to import events

search for "Drupal Facebook event importer" or use other words such as feed

It needs to be for drupal version 7.

Check how much it is being used compared to other options.

D) Install and test a module.

You can install and enable a new module (copy the .tar.gz link and put it into Admin>modules> Install new module, just paste in the link and click install.

You then need to enable the module and configure it. There may be some guidance in the readme file.

See if you can import the event automatically.

E) If the events are importing OK, see if you can have them turn up in the correct calendar.